Interview with Kevin Hazzard on book “American Sirens.”

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Airing Wednesday November 23rd, Christopher interviews former Grady Paramedic Kevin Hazzard about his magnificent new book American Sirens: The Incredible Story of the Black Men Who Became America’s First Paramedics.

Now available in bookstores and online (links below), American Sirens tells the compelling story of the 24 black men from the projects of Pittsburg who overcame poverty, racism, and politics to make Freedom House Ambulance the first successful model of pre-hospital emergency medicine in America.

The first paramedic class of Freedom House Ambulance was even trained by the “Father of CPR,” Peter Safar.

Check out our interview (airs 0600 EST Wednesday Nov 23rd on all platforms) with Kevin to see why you should get (for yourself, your friends, and family) this moving, fast-paced, and enjoyable work of American history that reads like a gripping novel.

It’s the perfect holiday gift.

Trust me, they won’t want to put the book down! has all the links for the full interview and excerpts.