The Catechism In A Year: Coming by End of 2023!

By the end of 2023, Fr. Dn. Christopher will be releasing an Eastern Catholic Catechism study series as an educational project for the Commission for the Catechism of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

In 33 weeks, we will read the entire Ukrainian Catholic Catechism Christ Our Pascha. During each daily episode there will typically be both a ~10 minute (1) reading from Christ Our Pascha and (2) reflection with some explanations and insights on the reading.

Our Eastern equivalent to Fr. Mike Schmitz “The [Latin] Catechism In A Year” is no “copy cat” or “knock off.” Our readings and reflections are based off of the writings of many of the Greek Church Fathers. Our catechism is also primarily based upon the texts and prayers of the Divine Liturgy (Mass) and Divine Praises (Liturgy of the Hours) of our Eastern (Byzantine-Ukrainian) Liturgy.

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Interview with Kevin Hazzard on book “American Sirens.”

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Airing Wednesday November 23rd, Christopher interviews former Grady Paramedic Kevin Hazzard about his magnificent new book American Sirens: The Incredible Story of the Black Men Who Became America’s First Paramedics.

Now available in bookstores and online (links below), American Sirens tells the compelling story of the 24 black men from the projects of Pittsburg who overcame poverty, racism, and politics to make Freedom House Ambulance the first successful model of pre-hospital emergency medicine in America.

The first paramedic class of Freedom House Ambulance was even trained by the “Father of CPR,” Peter Safar.

Check out our interview (airs 0600 EST Wednesday Nov 23rd on all platforms) with Kevin to see why you should get (for yourself, your friends, and family) this moving, fast-paced, and enjoyable work of American history that reads like a gripping novel.

It’s the perfect holiday gift.

Trust me, they won’t want to put the book down! has all the links for the full interview and excerpts.

We are online: check out the different shows!

The Ukrainian Fire Chaplain Show has officially gone online! We have released our first three Podcast episodes, three Church Fathers episodes (on Clement of Rome), and our American Guardians interview with Mike Staley. We have also uploaded our recordings of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian made at our cathedral. Subscribe and stay tuned, regular shows will now begin to be released on their weekly and monthly schedules. Also, more projects are in the works!

Early Release: An Exclusive Interview with Mike Staley

Christopher shares his two-hour exclusive interview with an American Hero and Firefighter, Mike Staley @MFStaley.
As a Paramedic Firefighter who survived a near-death injury on a call at Daytona International Speedway, he had to rebuild his life and even learn how to walk and tie his shoes again. 
The show includes our conversation about him growing up in a single-parent household, becoming a volunteer and career firefighter, experiencing tragedy at Daytona, discovering about the clandestine life of his father, and many aspects of what makes him a true leader worth imitating and learning from. 
The full show is now live on all of our platforms.

Airing: Nov 16th, 2022

CIX! Glory to Jesus Christ! This is your host, Christopher!

The Ukrainian Fire Chaplain Show’s weekly faith-based Podcast will begin airing on all platforms on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022.

Also, starting on November 16th, 2022, we will release new episodes of our weekly “Church Fathers” educational series. Soon after this, we will begin releasing our monthly interview series “American Guardians,” too!

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