The Catechism In A Year: Coming by End of 2023!

By the end of 2023, Fr. Dn. Christopher will be releasing an Eastern Catholic Catechism study series as an educational project for the Commission for the Catechism of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

In 33 weeks, we will read the entire Ukrainian Catholic Catechism Christ Our Pascha. During each daily episode there will typically be both a ~10 minute (1) reading from Christ Our Pascha and (2) reflection with some explanations and insights on the reading.

Our Eastern equivalent to Fr. Mike Schmitz “The [Latin] Catechism In A Year” is no “copy cat” or “knock off.” Our readings and reflections are based off of the writings of many of the Greek Church Fathers. Our catechism is also primarily based upon the texts and prayers of the Divine Liturgy (Mass) and Divine Praises (Liturgy of the Hours) of our Eastern (Byzantine-Ukrainian) Liturgy.

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